Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dinner Time

Dinner time is our favorite time of the day. Mom makes all our food so we LOVE to eat. Mom says that most regular dog foods make dogs get cancer and die. I'm really glad she makes our food so we don't have to eat the bad stuff. It's kind of expensive to feed Nicki and me people food. It's like having a couple extra people to feed. But Mom never complains. She says she may be spending the money on food but it's better than spending a lot more at the vet's office. Pretty soon Mom says she's going to start making us dog biscuits too. She has lots of recipes that she couldn't use with her other dog and wants to make for us. No problem Mom, we eat anything!!

This is a few pictures of the food Mommy makes for us. We have to sit nice and wait for her to put it down for us. We're NOT ALLOWED to jump and try to grab it. Mom says we behave perfectly when there is food on the way. In this meal there is pasta, chicken chunks and some grape tomatoes. Yummy!!
Thanks Mom!