Saturday, January 18, 2014

Furry Christmas

Nick usually doesn't mind posing in whatever getup is the subject of the day. 

Bell on the other hand usually employs her trade mark rebellion stunt. She becomes 'frozen dog'....unable to complete the most simple commands. This was 'sit pretty' and it took approximately 45 mins to get a shot with her face not dragging on the floor. 

Nicki loved the doggy bed she got for Christmas. 

Although 'frozen' in her bed because I had a camera in my hand...Bell enjoyed her bed too. 

Neither dog was too keen on the doggy jackets from Santa. You can't tell here but Bell is of course 'frozen'. Nick decided the jacket was fine with her when she realized putting it on meant she was going for a walk! It was the first time I saw Bell do 'walking frozen dog'...funny as hell. Tail held stiff, legs stiff, head stiff. She walked the whole way like that and never looked sideways or sniffed anything. I think she was embarrassed. I couldn't stop laughing at her.