Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nick's Day Out

I finally did what I've been saying I was going to do for a long time. I took ONE dog (Nicki) hiking with me and left the other one home. I felt terrible doing it, especially because I'm told Bell made sad crying noises for a half hour after we left. But I had to do it. I'm not getting anywhere taking them both with me. They are unruly when together and really very nice dogs when apart.
So instead of yanking them back and ordering them to behave all day, Nick and I had a good time.

She met other dogs and acted like a lady with them. They liked her (except for one little dude with an attitude but Nick took it in stride and ignored him) and she liked them. A little sniffing, a little happy bouncing and it was all good. When I've taken them together they tend to gang up on other dogs and really come across as bullies...which is not their normal personality at all. I don't want to encourage that 'pack' mentality so I had to separate them. Besides that it's just so much easier to handle one young dog than it is to handle two.

So Nick and I ended up at Northwest Park in Windsor. She met a horse for the first time and promptly sat down and howled at her. The horse wasn't impressed..she looked at her; snorted and walked away. Nick didn't know how to take that but it made me laugh.

The ducks were a little leery of Nick but all she did was sniff them through the fencing and wag her tail. I'm pretty sure if they were loose it would have been a free for all however. Both my dogs have a strong prey drive. Anything that runs is in trouble with them around. Our cat Lily can vouch for that!

We tried a couple of the trails but they were still such a mess from storm Alfred that it wasn't possible to walk them. So instead we walked around the huge field that rings the trail heads and I took pictures while Nick sniffed everything in sight.

There were several old barns on the of my favorite things. Some seemed to be used for storage but most of them were in very questionable shape and I don't think they are used for anything. Don't you just love the look of old barns?

And the pond on the property is still as I remember it....murky and yucky looking. But it does make a beautiful mirror image of the red barn where functions are held.

I think I may go back there in the spring for the maple syrup making demonstrations. I went once but I got there right after they finished the demonstration...just my luck! I'll take Bell there too. It is her turn after all. But I will make a point of trying to get back there in the Spring when the sap is running too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look What I Can Do

I came home yesterday to this....stuffing strewn all over the living room....and Bell running back and forth overly excited (butt one inch from the floor); stopping only to pounce with her butt up in the air or to make a tight little turn for the return trip. Nick was prancing back and forth looking nervously at me. At least SHE knew my yelling was real and this was NOT a game. Bell never got it. She refused to look remorseful and didn't realize the game was definitely over until I put her in her pen. Hmmmm game over?? What's with THAT Mom??!!

*sigh*...and that my friends is why you still go into the pens when we go to work.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Cold Dogs

The girls knew enough to huddle together to stay warm. Five days and nights we were without power after the freak snow storm. But it didn't stop them from playing their usual rowdy games...probably helped them warm up!