Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Wrestling Try Outs

As every good mother knows you have to involve your kids in activities and encourage them in their various interests. Eventually you hope that this will pay off and they will chose a sport or hobby that they excel at and enjoy it all their lives.
I tried interesting the girls in the domestic arts for awhile. You know, needlepoint; sewing; baking...but none of it took with them. Nicki and Bell would rather chew up their craft projects than take any real interest. So I asked them what they would like to do. What activity would interest them....and they chose WRESTLING of all things! And if that wasn't enough to blow a mothers dreams, they added that they want to be on the OLYMPIC wresting team!!

Well who am I to discourage these two budding athletes? They think they have the stuff to be Olympic wrestlers...lets go for it. They even had names picked out for themselves! Justin agree to help so I scheduled a practice meet right here at my house. The following short film is their first attempt at tag team wrestling. This is Nicki the Nose; Bombs Away Bell and Justin the Jaw Breaker in action.

You go girls!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Biggest Fan

Well I've got some sad new for you folks today. The pups have told me that they've lost interest in posting blogs all the time. They've asked me to take it over for them. They feel they'd rather just live their crazy lives and let me post things about them instead. Have no fear, there will still be pictures of their antics and stories about their just won't be coming from them. If you ask me, I think they are just lazy....more interested in eating things that are not food and knocking things over in the house. I will occasionally push them to post their version of things so they won't be entirely gone from the blog.

Having said that I will give you a tidbit of the latest trauma in their lives....a fan. The have never seen a fan before. They joined my household in September of last year. Prior to that they were in a couple of shelters so of course not exposed to a lot of ordinary things found in a home.

The other day I decided to cook a steak for myself. I popped it into the oven to broil it and the house soon filled with smoke. I was on the phone in the other room and didn't notice it right away. My two girls were playing the usual game of grab your collar and drag you around the house. I guess they aren't cut out to be rescue dogs because they didn't mention a thing about the smoke filling the kitchen! Finally I smelled it and when I got to the kitchen I raced to pull out the steak (wasn't burned!) and open the window and door. That wasn't enough, so I dragged out the floor fan and set it up....not thinking for a moment that they would get freaked out by it.

Bell (the quieter one) couldn't look away. She stood a couple of feet from that fan and just starred at it for at least 20 mins. Eventually Nicki joined her...having noticed that Bell wasn't dragging her around by her collar anymore. I was in the kitchen at this point and the fan was between me and the girls. Bell wanted so badly to get into the kitchen but didn't dare go by that fan. Finally Bell braved it and jumped over it! Now Nicki was pacing back and forth trying to decide if she should jump it or squeeze by it. A couple of barks from her didn't impress the what to do? Eventually, with Bell's teasing her and me encouraging her, she finally conquered her fear and squeezed by the fan. Then she promptly grabbed Bell by the collar and lead her around the kitchen! Was that her version of a victory lap??

Here's a couple of pictures of Nick trying to squeeze her big body by that fan. Bell loves these shots because Nicki is usually the brave one!