Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is not my house. This is not my dog...and I'm quite thankful for that.

This one looks like Bell a little bit but thankfully it's not my dog either.

However that is not to say that Bell hasn't been a bad girl this Christmas...she certainly has! No presents were left under our tree. No stockings were placed out to be filled by Santa. Bell was not to be trusted!

What did Bell do that was so bad? Well she dragged the tree skirt out and chewed on the middle of it. I found it on the bookcase where someone had taken it away from her. A few days later she did it again. Now it had a jagged hole chewed through the center so into the garbage it goes.

A day or so later she chewed the heck out of a plastic squeaky toy and tried to pin it on Nicki. Later that same day she somehow got a stick in the house and left that chewed up in pieces all over the dining room floor.

But the grand finale was when I carefully placed a soft stuffed kitten in the center part of the Christmas tree for Kaylee to find...only to see that toy being used as the center of a tug of war between the two dogs not 5 minutes later!!

The scream that came out of my mouth was ear splitting but only Nicki let go and ran for her pen. Bell stood there with the toy in her mouth like everything was just fine! What could possibly be wrong?? Now there's proof that Bell is dumb as a rock because I never stopped screaming and still she just stood there wagging her tail! It wasn't until I took the toy from her while yelling NO NO NO and BAD DOG over and over again that the light finally went on in Bells head. Luckily for her she got to her pen real quick and I just locked her inside...still yelling BAD DOG over and over again.

I honestly don't think that dog will ever figure out the rules. *sigh* She's a dumb-bell for sure.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In the past couple of weeks I've found three (yes, three!) ticks on Nicki. The first on an ear...the second on her belly...and the third on her back. I've found nothing on Bell.....nothing at all. Apparently Nick tastes better than Bell and she doesn't object to freeloaders!

So the dogs have both been dosed with Advantix...something I don't like to use but these days it seems to be impossible to live without it. I used to just worry about ticks when we hike but now they seem to be everywhere all the time!

I had been using an organic spray on the dogs when I took them hiking with me. That worked fine for them but I forgot to use it on myself. I ended up with a deer tick embedded in my neck; an allergic reaction to the bite; an extremely swollen and painful neck and a trip to the ambulatory center on a Sunday. I'm looking forward to a really good snow fall.

Meanwhile I've found a different kind of freeloader in my house. Ladybugs. A few seem to show up every year but there have been some years when I've had a bumper crop in the house. I don't mind them really. They don't seem to hurt anything and I do find it interesting to see where they'll turn up. This guy was boldly hanging on to the kitchen curtain..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whacha doing??

Whacha doing??

Nothing... and don't tell Mom!