Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Puppy Christmas 2010

Christmas for the girls was very much like last year. I bought a bunch of stuffed toys (their favorite!) from the Salvation Army. Last year they were .50 each...this year they were $1.00 each. And as cheap as that still was...the Capricorn in me found that irritating. Is there a legit reason for the 100% increase in the price of stuffed toys? Maybe...but they didn't offer any explanation and I didn't bother asking for one. They were very busy changing the rules (yet again) for donations anyway so I had enough to think about.I obtained the required pile of stuffed toys for the girls and called it a day.

Christmas day the pile was poured onto the living room floor and the girls were allowed to 'have their way' with them. One stuffed cat was 'killed' the same other toy was discovered to have the small beads inside so it was eliminated from the bunch. My dogs will eat anything...including small beads and those things are sinister.

I don't have to tell you they enjoyed themselves immensely now do I?