Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Carried Away

Bell's version of events:

Mom went outside tonight and I didn't know where she was going. I wanted to go too! I tried to see out the kitchen window. I had to put my front feet up on the table to do that and I found Mom's coffee up there. I didn't get to try any. Mom saw me through the window and came back in fast. She told me to get down and said I was a bad girl!
I don't think I was a bad girl at all. I didn't even get any coffee!!

Then Mom went back outside again and told us both to stay. She didn't tell me where she was going and I STILL wanted to go too. I didn't put my front feet on the table this time...instead I just climbed right up on top of it. What a great view it is from the top of that table! I could see the whole yard. And I could see Mom flying back in the house too. But I just stayed up on the table. It was fun and I knew Mom would like it too.

Mom didn't think it was fun I guess because she started yelling at me right away. I didn't know what she wanted me to do so I just smiled and wagged my tail at her. Mom made it pretty clear that she wanted me down when she picked me up by my collar and my belly and put me back on the floor. All the stuff from the table went all over the floor too. Boy was Mom mad! She must have called me a bad dog at least a hundred times. I tried to hide somewhere but there was no where to go so I just sat by the door and looked sad, waiting for Mom to cool down. She had to pick up all the stuff off the floor and the whole time she was giving me dirty looks.

I guess I won't be getting up on the table again...or at least not when Mom can catch me. Nicki was laughing at me behind Mom's back. She thought it was great that I got caught and she wasn't getting yelled at this time. Mom told her she was a good girl. I told her she was a stinker!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nicki's Sick

Commentary from Nicki:

I got sick! Mom took really good care of me but boy did I feel bad!
I'm not sure what happened to me. When I came home from Gramma's house last Tuesday night I didn't feel too good when I went to bed. Mom asked me if I was ok but I just hung my head and looked at her. She petted my head and rubbed my ears for a while...that felt good. I went to sleep.
When I woke up I felt even worse. I didn't want to go out to pee; I didn't want to eat; I didn't even want to stand up. Mom had a really worried look on her face and she spoke very soothingly to me. Eventually I had to get up to go pee...and Mom was insisting anyway.

I sat outside my pen and watched Bell eat. I didn't feel like eating or even going into the kitchen. I just felt really crappy.
Mom made me a special breakfast of broth and chicken. I love chicken so I decided to eat that. It was pretty good but I just wanted to go back to sleep after that. Before I fell asleep I heard Mom talking to Aunt KC about maybe staying home from work. When I woke up KC was here and Mom had gone to work. That was ok because I just wanted to sleep anyway.

When Mom got home from work she was really worried about me. She made me get out of my pen to go pee...I didn't make it all the way to the lawn. I peed on the deck. Mom didn't seem to care. She carried me down the steps to the lawn and I did some more...just to make her happy.
When I went back in Mom wanted me to eat but I didn't feel like it. Bell ate all her food. I laid down in front of my pen instead and told Bell to leave me alone...I don't want to play. Bell kept jumping on me anyway until Mom made her stop.

I heard Mom on the phone talking to the veterinarian's office. She was going to take me to see him again tomorrow morning. I didn't even get excited about it. I felt too crappy to get excited about anything. Mom decided to sit next to me and pet me and talk for awhile. I was too tired to pay much attention. I couldn't even hold my head up. I think Mom had tears in her eyes but I don't know why.

Mom brought my food dish over to me and fed me small amounts at a time from her hand while I stayed laying down. That was really nice of her. I was hungry after all but just too tired to bother getting up to eat. Seems like there was more chicken in there again. I like chicken! Mom used a tiny little glass to give me water after I ate. I didn't really like that but she'd been so nice to me I decided to play along. Water is good...but chicken is much better. After the water Mom was back on the phone again. Now she told me we were going to the vet tonight. That meant I had to get up again. I really didn't want to get up anymore so Mom carried me to the car. I slept all the way there.

This man was a different vet from the last time. He seemed nice. He layed on the floor with me for awhile too! And he gave me biscuits. I like that but only if he brought them to me. I didn't want to go to get them...that would mean I had to get up and I didn't want to do that. For a little while he had me walk down the hallway but I didn't feel good at all so I sat down and just looked at him. Leave me alone now ok buddy? I just want to lay down for awhile. Then some nice girls came in and took blood out of my vein. They kept telling me how good I was...I already know THAT. And it seemed to be a big deal that I wanted to lay down...everybody kept trying to get me to come to them. I put my head in Mom's lap instead.

Finally we got back in the car to go home. When we got home Mom gave me a little pill to tasted ok so I ate it and it made me feel a little bit better. Then I headed straight to my pen so I could go to sleep. Mom said she would be on the couch for the night if I needed anything. A couple of times I saw her looking at me but she didn't say I went to sleep.

Bell's commentary:

Nicki got real sick last week and she's still not as much fun as she normally is. She wouldn't play with me at all last week...even when I jumped right on top of her! Mom put me in my pen after I did that.
I kept asking Mom for Nicki's food but she wouldn't give it to me. She fed it to Nicki by hand...the whole thing! And Nicki hardly talked to me for days. I had to play with all the toys all by myself! It wasn't as much fun at all. I like it best when Nicki steals every toy I want until I chase her and we play tackle. You can't play tackle by yourself.

Nicki is feeling better now but she's still not the same yet. She makes funny noises in her throat and sometimes she throws up some of her food. And I've noticed that she's getting some extra things to eat that Mom won't give to me. I tried to eat Nicki's food too because she was eating too slow. Mom caught me and I had to drop it. She keeps catching me every time I try anything!

Nicki and I are going back to see the vet on Friday. I think the vet is more interested in seeing Nicki but I get to go too. Mom says I have one more shot to get and they want to do another test on Nicki. Mom says we're getting to be very expensive. She says Nicki is going to be the Million Dollar Dog before she's better. I want to be a Million Dollar Dog too!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And That Ain't Rain

Nicki's commentary:

Bell peed on me! She peed on me! She peed right on my head!
We were playing a great game of chase me, racing back and forth and ignoring Mom telling us to stop. I stopped to grab a toy and I stretched out on the rug to chew it. Bell came over, I thought to play with me but instead she stood over me and just PEED ON ME!
One minute I'm chewing on my stuffed bunny and the next minute there is pee all over my head and going down my neck!

The only good part was Mom coming to the rescue. She jumped up; grabbed Bell by the scruff of the neck and yelled NO all at the same time. I didn't know what was going on so I just stayed there dripping pee from my ear!
Mom put Bell in her pen and got some wet paper towels to clean me off. What a yucky feeling to have pee on you! Mom washed me up pretty good and I actually enjoyed it. Then she cleaned the carpet and washed me some more. She called me Poor Nicki...and gave me a treat! But I'd rather not have to get peed on to get a treat.

Bad Bell!! (this isn't over Bell)

Our First Vet Visit

Mom told us we had to go see the Veterinarian. I don't know what the big deal was...we see lots of people. When the day came for us to go Mom put some of our poop in jars! We thought this was really weird...she usually puts it in a bucket and throws it away. Nicki said she didn't have to do potty but I think she didn't want Mom putting hers in a jar.

On our way to the Vet Mom kept telling us to sit down a lot. We didn't do it....we were too excited. Nicki says we don't have to do anything Mom says when we're in the car cuz she never turns around to see what we're doing. I think Nicki was trying to get me in trouble again so I decided to take a nap. A few minutes later I smelled something weird. I think Mom smelled it too cuz she started yelling and pulled the car over real fast. Nicki climbed up on top of me which means she did something real bad! She was scared she was gonna get it this time. Mom never pulled the car over before.

Mom was standing outside the car saying a lot of loud words I never heard before. I never saw her dance like that before either. Nicki and I thought it was funny so we jumped up and pranced on the seat. We wanted to dance too!
But when Mom opened the door she wasn't dancing anymore...she was mad! Then I saw that Nicki had pooped on the floor and it was on the side of the door too. When Mom told us to sit down we did it this time. I don't know why Mom was so mad...can't she just put it in a jar for the Veterinarian? He likes poop in a jar, right?

Well eventually Mom got it cleaned up but the car still smelled bad. Mom left all the windows down and kept telling Nicki she was a bad dog. Nicki doesn't like getting yelled at so we both took a nap for the rest of the ride. For once I was the good girl and smarty pants Nicki was the bad girl. Next time go poop on the lawn when Mommy tells you Nicki! (sometimes Nicki's not as smart as she thinks she is)

When we got to the Vet's office Mom told everyone what Nicki did. She kept saying she never had a dog do that in her car before. They all thought it was funny too...I TOLD you it was funny Mom! The Vet checked me and Nicki out all over. He cleaned our ears and trimmed our nails too. I let him do everything because I wanted him to like me. Nicki didn't even pull her foot away when he trimmed her nails. I think she didn't want to get in anymore trouble for awhile. Then he gave us each a needle. I didn't like that too much but Nicki didn't even flinch and that's not like her at all! After that Mom and the Vet talked a lot. I don't know what they were talking about...just boring stuff to me. Nicki and I poked around the room until it was time to go. (I was ready to leave as soon as I got that needle)

On the way home the car still smelled bad but Mom wasn't mad anymore. She told us we better stay healthy cuz that visit just cost her a bundle. We don't know what a "bundle" is but we'll stay healthy if we can...and I don't think Nicki will poop in the car again either. (puppy giggle)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Working Together

My sister and I believe in cooperation...especially when it involves getting something we both want. A good example of this was at Gramma's house. On our very first visit there we knew peeing on the floor would probably get us in trouble so we really emptied out before going inside. Mom was nervously watching us for awhile but eventually she found other things to occupy her time. That's when the real fun began.

We went into the living room to investigate what's going on in there. And boy did we hit the jackpot! We found a long stuffed toy thing that was placed along the bottom of a door. We knew that was put there for us to play with so we picked it up (one at each end) and carried it into the kitchen. Well we didn't get to keep it very long because Mom went ballistic and took it away. (I heard her laughing as she returned it to the spot it came from) But I ask you....why was it taken away when it is obviously a toy for us? So we forgot about that one for awhile and went back to "looking innocent" in the kitchen...just long enough for Mom to relax of course.

We decided we needed to change our tactics. Bell wandered nonchalantly into the dining room while I (Nicki) strolled innocently back into the living room for another look around. I saw an even better toy but I knew I needed to bide my time and form a plan with Bell. As it turned out Bell came in the room with Mom and Gramma. They were busy with Grampa so we had time to quickly discuss the plan and put it into action. Unfortunately our timing wasn't very good. We had both grabbed a wing on a stuffed Penguin and were quickly trotting out of the room with it when Mom turned around and saw us. We heard a loud "HEY!" and Mom was after us in a flash. She caught us half way across the hallway and took the penguin away. But once again we heard her laughing at us. Why is it so funny to take our toys away?

At this point we don't think Gramma's house is very much fun. Everything we eat is wrong even though we never take it from the table...always from the floor. Everything we try to play with gets taken away. Every time we try to go into another room alone someone follows us or calls us back. And worst of all there is no peeing in Gramma's house either! What is it with these people and peeing? It's a natural fact of life. Why do they freak out when we pick our own places to do it?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who Are You

This blog will be coming from the minds of two 6 month old Lab/Hound puppies. They are sisters named Nicki and Bell.

The actual typing will be done by Mom....we don't have thumbs and aren't very skilled at much of anything other than peeing on the rug and eating everything in sight. But the thoughts and perceptions will be from us...sometimes Nicki; sometimes Bell...but always from the mind of a young hound.

We hope you enjoy the blog.