Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Airplane You Say, Eh?

I got a package in the mail. Kaylee took a shine to the box. 

She was interested in the packing peanuts too. I was happy to find out they were made from corn starch and if they get wet they dissolve completely! Wonderful! 

The girls were interested in those packing peanuts too.....probably because I wouldn't let them have any. 

And they were deeply curious as to what Kaylee was going to do with this interesting package with those equally interesting packing peanuts. 

Nicki never paid this much attention before in her life!

Every once in awhile there would be a glance at Kaylee herself as if to say 'do you even know what you're doing here?'

I told Kaylee when she was a baby I used to put her in a box; tie a string to it and pull her around the house. She would pretend she was on a train. So she had to test this box for size. 

And eventually she created this lovely 'airplane'! You will note there is also a cup holder on one wing there and a cushion for the seat. The girl has her priorities in place. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in Kaylee's airplane.