Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wet Dogs-Frizzy Hair

I took the dogs for a hike on a cloudy day after enduring almost a solid week of rain. It ended up raining just as we were arriving at the hiking spot. I waited for a bit thinking it would clear and we could still take a hike. I was wrong. 

It continued to rain and even started coming down harder for awhile. Still we waited. I even took them out for a quick walk around the car so they could pee. Got my hair wet. Great, now it's going to get big and stupid looking. Finally we started for home because the rain was not going to stop. But on the way home I remembered the paved bike trail and thought at least it would cut down on the amount of mud they'd bring into my back seat. And they don't seem to care about walking in the rain. Why should they? THEIR hair doesn't get frizzy when they get wet. 

They enjoyed the walk in the rain. I tolerated the walk in the rain. And on the way home I snapped these shots of my wet dogs in the car. Nick is often uncomfortable in the car but I don't know why. She hides her head anywhere she can until we arrive wherever we are going. She used to hide her head behind Kaylee's car seat. Then she'd hide her head behind Kaylee herself. This time she could only hide behind Bell's butt. Bell is tolerating her idiot sister very well. Notice the resigned look on her face. Poor Bell.  
They both slept like babies for hours when we got home. My hair was frizzy for the rest of the day. 
Good times, good times.