Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Fuzzy Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas!! We got beef bones and deer bones and stuffed toys and had a whole bunch of fun! People came to visit and we love it when people come to see us. And Mommy dumped a big bag of stuffed toys in the middle of the floor and we got to play with ALL of them! (Bell: Mommy had to take one of the teddy bears away because his arm came off in my mouth. How did THAT happen?!)

And then Mommy gave us beef bones to chew on in the kitchen. They were delicious! We never had that before. And the next day Mommy gave us deer bones too! They were fantastic!! (Nicki: I rubbed my face all over it!)

When we were done with them, Mommy washed the kitchen floor. She shouldn't have done that because then all the good taste was gone. But we licked the floor anyway.
Mommy said she got the deer leg bones from Kaffy and Woo (Kathy and Lou) when she went there for Christmas eve. We knew we liked Kaffy and Woo but now we like them even better!

Mommy said they are getting a new puppy soon too. We sure hope we get to play with that new puppy. We don't know any other puppies and mom says it's good to know other dogs. We think so too because other dogs like to do the stuff we like too. They don't yell at us for jumping.
Here's the pictures Mom took of us playing with our pile of stuffed toys.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Always Something

Nicki's post:
I'm sick again. I keep thinking I have to go pee but nothing comes out or there is blood in it. I've been spending a lot of time outside for nothing and it's cold out there! I peed in my pen today too but Mom didn't get mad at all. She said I have a bladder infection...whatever that is. She gave me some cranberry sauce and I liked it! She also gave me a vitamin C table that tastes like an orange. Bell got one too. Mom said it was for good measure but I don't know what that means either. Then Mom called the Vet and I'm going to see him tomorrow. I like him so I can hardly wait! He gives me biscuits and Bell's not coming with us so I don't have to share this time! Ha Ha Bell!

Bell's post:
I want to go too! I want biscuits! I like the Vet too! Come on Mom....I want to go too! Please!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Toy...Two Dogs

A note from the Mom (with permission of course):

I think the title explains is all......but I will say that these two girls of mine do this ALL THE TIME. Which ever one picks up a toy first, the other one has to have it. I buy two of every toy for this reason and it never seems to make a difference. Well, you watch the video and I'm sure you'll understand what I mean.
Big silly puppies!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go

Mom took Bell and me hiking and we had a blast! I found a hole in the field that smelled really cool and Bell stuck her whole head in it! Mom got a little worried because she thought some animal might still be in the hole but Bell didn't find anybody in there.

We met lots of people and dogs when we went into the woods too. I made sure they knew I liked them right away by jumping on them and barking like crazy. Everybody knows you like them if you jump on them and bark at them, right? I had my tail wagging so hard it almost fell off.

Mom said us girls will have to come separately with her to hike from now on. She says we act too crazy when we are together. We're not acting Mom...we're really like that! How can you expect us not to cram our heads in holes that smell good? How can you expect us not to pull like crazy when we see birds; rocks; branches; dirt; water and just about anything else that we look at? Everything is so exciting to us! We've only been alive a short time and everything is NEW to us.

Bell will probably be the goody goody dog when she goes alone with Mom...but not me. I'm just naturally "spunky" at heart so it's guaranteed I'll still pull her arms off trying to take in the whole world at once. But don't worry Mom, I'll probably calm down by the time I'm 5 yrs old. I'll have seen (and chewed on) enough sticks by then.