Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Addition

Wow! It's been a VERY long time since I posted anything here on the girls blog! But honestly...I haven't had much to say where they are concerned. Not much has changed in their lives over the past few months.

They are both still itching up a storm and losing too much hair. I have now purchased a small hand-held vacuum so I don't have to constantly haul out the big one.  Bell looks like she can do a commercial for a hair restoration place or be a poster dog for an animal shelter. And she continues to be undisturbed by her unnatural lack of hair on her elbows and under her neck, but the ears are beginning to itch now too. 

 Nick has recently gotten over her 'came out of no where for no reason' fear of eating with Bell and no longer is peeing on the floor when she sees the dinner dish (fingers crossed on this one). The search continues for a food that agrees with them (will I ever have normal dogs?). And they both continue to enjoy playing in water.

I have started rubbing them down with a concoction of water and white vinegar to remove excess oils from their skin and keep yeast overgrowth at bay. I do this in between baths. Baths continue to be a source of disgust of a nice smell and fear of soap for them, while usually resulting in a soaking for me and a great deal of exhaustion. They hate smelling good and I hate that they don't smell good for long enough. The vinegar and water rubs help keep that doggy smell down quite a bit. If you own a hound (or just an oily dog) you may want to try it too.

One new thing has happened however that the girls are not even aware of as yet. My Mom got herself a kitten. She's named her Misty (not original but it will do I suppose) and they claim she's about 8 weeks old but I think she looks younger than that. She's the last kitten from two litters that a friend of my nephew's girl friend had in her home. (Somebody needs to learn to spay their female cats!)  She is adorable! And it will be quite some time before she is introduced to my monster girls. They think anything small that runs is fair game to chase and I'm sure if they caught her it wouldn't be good. They don't mean to be's instinct...they can't help it. Lily has long ago learned how to keep them in line by not hesitating to smack them in the  face...sometimes for no reason. But on occasion even she makes a run for it and I have to use that most important command "LEAVE IT"! Thankfully they listen.

So here are a few pictures of Misty the tiny kitten who has not met my dogs.

Cute ain't she??!!