Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Dogs

This half a dog is Bell.

Yup, you guessed it...Bell again.

Kaylee trying to avoid Bell's snow diving.

Bell just loves snow diving!

Kaylee almost got knocked down by Nick trying to catch up with Bell. Nicki does not seem to enjoy snow diving...she's more the jumping type.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Storm vs Retarded Rabbits

Dogs love snow. There's no way around it...they do. And mine are no exception. Even though they have such a little amount of hair to keep them warm, they still love the snow. They are mindless with the snow (no big surprise there)...jumping into it without a thought to how deep it may be. And boy it's deep this time around!

The previous snow fall left some moderate drifts on the lawn. And as they hardened up the girls took delight in going to the top of the hill to pee. I don't know why that's so important to them but it is. Must be a dog thing.

So this time with the massive snow storm we got and the wind that came with it we ended up with much higher drifts, at least up to the necks of the girls. Once again they tried to climb these drifts but they are soft and the girls keep falling through. Apparently they don't understand why this is happening because they just keep trying again. Then they discovered that it's very unpleasant to pee when the snow is enveloping your entire body...including the tender bits. But rather than head for the areas with less snow they begin to jump..and jump...and jump..trying to get to the top of that hill. It's really quite comical looking.

Ears perked up...or at least as perky as it is possible to be with ears so long. Tails held high and spunky stances adopted they jump over and over large retarded black rabbits. And they never get to the top.
Nick decided that the snow doesn't always feel too good on the feet at least. She stopped jumping, came back to me and just stood there holding her foot off the ground. I suppose that's meant to mean Mom fix it! So I did just that. She had snow packed between her toes...her big webbed toes. I think webbing holds the snow even better than regular toes. Somehow I doubt Nick will remember that.