Monday, October 14, 2013

Dogs At Mashapaug Lake

I took both the girls to lake for the first time this summer. It was crazy of me to take both but I never seem to learn the 'two dogs is too much' lesson or I'm plagued with guilt when I know one dog is having fun and the other one is not. Anyway once they played in the water for a little while I think they didn't really know what to do with themselves. Bell stationed herself on the edge of the water waiting for trespassers.

Every so often when someone in a canoe or a kayak paddled by, Nick would join Bell and a joint decision would be made on whether they deserved a duel barking effort or was Bell's surprisingly deep voice enough to meet the occasion. It was no surprise to me that all barking ended up being a two dog effort. They were both convinced that spot was OURS!

Bell felt she had to defend our spot from every direction and embarrassed me to no end when she let loose with a barrage of deep voiced dog smack talk on two very tiny little dogs that had the nerve to come happily bouncing into our area. Their owner was visibly startled; the little dogs were terrified and I was wishing I was somewhere else. The little dogs were on leashes but both ran in different directions; the owner jumped a foot off the ground and got tangled in the leashes and I tried to stop Bell from acting like there was a reward posted for these two little dogs.

  Meanwhile Nicki jumped up and added her two cents worth. The man didn't know there was two dogs with me so he gave a little scream and tried to turn to leave, stumbled in the leash mess he was tangled in and bumped into a tree while stepping on one of his little dogs. The little dogs were now screaming in fright; my two were bellowing at the top of their lungs; I was yelling at my dogs and trying to stop them and the man was just about peeing his pants but couldn't get his leg untangled from the leashes. 
I finally yelled to him that my dogs are not mean, just loud and they are tied...they can't reach you! Of course I'm saying this while both of them are just about foaming at the mouth to get to the little dogs. 
The poor man finally got loose, grabbed one dog and just about dragged the other one away. 
I decided we'd had enough fun for the day and packed up and headed home. 
Nicki slept the sleep of the innocent on the way home....completely wiped out from her day at the lake. 

Bell slept just as peacefully knowing she had successfully defended the integrity of our little spot at the lake. And no little dogs will be showing up all happy and bouncy there again!