Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Extraordinary Talent

My dogs have developed an extraordinary talent for going pee and potty on a side hill of snow. I didn't think a picture of that would really be appreciated so I gave a car's impression of it. 

The dogs really don't have a choice about where they are going potty these days. We have so much snow, the options are just no longer there. I am doing so much shoveling to clear the sidewalk; walkways and driveway that I have no energy left to shovel out an area for the dogs to use as a potty. 

As it turns out they seem to really enjoy the challenge of peeing on mountains of snow. In fact when I take them for walks, Bell will climb over her head to pee on the top of the snow banks! Nicki will peen on the ground level like a normal dog but Bell is taking advantage of the packed snow to play her own version of King of the Hill.