Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here We Go Again

When I found a baby mouse inside the 25 lb bag of dog food I knew it wasn't good. The mouse didn't come with the bag of dog a bonus. I believe it's arrival means I have a mouse problem in my house...again. There is no such thing as one baby mouse showing up in your house. It's much more likely that this one fell in the bag, couldn't get out, and it's siblings ditched her and took off. (much like my own siblings used to do to me when I was young).

Nicki loved the other mouse I had for about 4 years. This is Nicki eyeing the new mouse. Nick used to wander upstairs as often as possible to get a sniff of her. I don't think she ever really knew what it was but she sure was interested.
Unfortunately this mouse didn't make it. She was in really rough shape when I found her in the bag and I mistakenly thought she was just really exhausted from trying to get out of the bag. My guess is that either she was in that bag longer than I thought and was too dehydrated to recover or she actually ate some of the dog food and it swelled enough in her little belly to kill her. I will never know, but I do feel bad about it. I don't especially want to have baby mice running around my house but when I find them I do everything I can to contain them until they are old enough to be released in the field across the street.

I had just returned from a shopping trip to buy a better mouse they can't get out plastic. I remember one of the other ones hanging onto the top and chewing his way out. I didn't want a repeat of that. So....if more show up I now have a pretty good house to keep them in and plenty of food.
Something tells me its going to be a long winter.....