Thursday, March 29, 2012


In the past year or so Lily has gone from running away whenever one of the dogs showed up; to hiding behind furniture and growling at them; to racing from one spot to another like ninja kitty; to smacking them in the face just because it's in her way; to stalking a spider near their water dish. Both dogs just watched and waited.
You've come a long way Lily!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh No She Didn't

When I handed the stuffed toys to the girls I told them in no uncertain terms NOT to ruin them. They both happily agreed and I stayed a few minutes to watch their play...just to make sure there would be no fighting over one toy. Everything being fine, I retreated to kitchen to attend to other things.

When Nicki showed up at my side some minutes later I suspected Bell was hogging the toys. Nicki will not fight Bell to regain control of a toy or favorite chewy even though she's bigger than Bell. Nicki's way of handling Bell's greedy dog moments are to stand over her and stare at her while she hogs the treasured toy; bark at her while she hogs the treasured toy; stand where I can see her standing and starring at Bell while she hogs the treasured toy (no doubt with the hope that I will intervene) or come right over to me wagging her whole body and begging me with her eyes to make Bell stop being a jerk with her treasured toy. I think she picked the latter one this time.

Of course I asked Nicki what the problem is...asked her why she was standing there wagging when she should be playing with her toy...asked her if Bell was hogging the toys again. To each question she just wagged her whole body harder. That means yes.

This is what Bell was doing when I came back into the living room. Apparently just hogging the toys wasn't quite enough for Bell. Oh Bell! You promised!! (she obviously has no shame either!)