Sunday, July 7, 2013


Zack is the latest addition to the family; seen here with his new Dad, Justin. As Justin and KC's furry baby he is officially the cousin of my two girls. My girls have met him once each. Neither one of them is too crazy about him yet. We're taking a 'wait and see' stance at this point and hoping for the best. 

Zack is being taken everywhere possible to help him adjust to a much more social life then he had previously.  He is a rescued dog....a Cocker Spaniel...and a purebred. But in my book purebred means more trouble. They often have more medical issues than the good old American mutt. 
Zack came with us on our hike to the Indian Council Caves. 

Zack got to take a little swim along the way. Lucky dog!

I caught him in mid shake here. Happy little wet dog that he is! He ended up being the coolest of all of us although Zack insists he's cool all the time. 

A happy family picture with Mom  (KC) and Dad on the way to the caves. 

Another family shot when we reached the caves. I suspect Zack was faking he was tired just to get a bit more attention from Mom and Dad.