Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dog Food

Still struggling to find a dog food that agrees with the girls. Bell seems to have the most issues. She's gets wicked gas and we all know what THAT'S like don't we??!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Farewell to Mousages

In June of 2009 I wrote about Miss Mouses/Mousages in the Tigger Time blog. She was an adult mouse at that time although I have never been really sure of her age. I wasn't paying enough attention to her actually arrival date I'm afraid.

Well poor Miss Mouses has passed away. I found her dead in her food dish the other day. It really looked like death had come a knocking and caught her totally unaware. One minute she is enjoying her slice of cucumber and the next minute it is time to go. I hope at least that it was fast for her. There was no sign of struggle and she had not been acting sickly at all. She did have some hair loss in recent weeks but she maintained a normal active life up to the end. I'm glad that she didn't become sickly and die slowly. I wouldn't have been able to bear it if that had happened...knowing that I couldn't have done anything to help her.

Miss Mouses was a wild mouse up to the very end. I never held her in my hand and I never petted her...until she died that is. I did pet her soft fur when saying good bye to her. She didn't have a big 'to do' for her send off. I rather think that wasn't really her style. Does any animal really want a big funeral after all? No, she had a quiet send off..a personal farewell with a tearfully expressed hope that she is now back in the circle of her mousy family and friends.

The girls will miss her and indeed already do. They were accustomed to running up the stairs to stand and sniff her pen in the mornings. They'd take turns nudging the bathroom door open and stand there expectantly until I told them they could go ahead and say hello to Miss Mouses. Nicki in particular seemed very interested in Mousages. She'd stand there and watch her for long periods of time and sometimes a starring contest took place. I don't think either dog really understood what that little thing was in that pen but they sure seemed to like the smell of her.

I will not of course look to replace the little mouse. She was a rescue and I don't have a desire to keep mice in captivity or to repeat the pain associated with losing them..which seems to happen way too fast. I have kept her house and all her mouse paraphernalia, as well as some live traps that I bought but never had to use. If I should ever come across baby mice that need rescuing from the damn cat at least I'll be prepared this time. And if ever any adult mice should invade my home I'll be able to capture them without killing them too.

So I bid you farewell little silent little buddy in the bathroom...the one that always seemed to listen to everything I said. The bathroom will never be the same without you and I'll miss our 'conversations'. I hope I did enough for you and made you as comfortable as possible during your time with me. Please put in a good word for me with the Big Cheese. Farewell until I see you again little one!