Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bell At Scantic River State Park

Being a naturally suspicious dog, I thought for sure Bell was never going to even consider walking across this little bridge. But she surprised me. She looked it over; sniffed it a bit; gave it the old stink eye and decided it would do!

But she did turn around again to give it an extra sniff just to be sure. Such a brave dog!

Of course when we got to this part she said hell no and walked along side of it right through the water. Can't blame her...I didn't want to walk across it either!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Old Place, New Sights

We went here....
And we saw this....
And then we couldn't agree on which way to go from there!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When Will It End??

Only a couple of days before I told a friend that my dogs don't really chew on stuff anymore. They are good girls....worthy of my trust. So I left them loose while I went to the store. I was gone oh, maybe a half hour....certainly not more than that.
And when I returned it was to find that Bell had completely chewed up and evenly distributed through out the house...a branch of one of my plants and the leaves that were on it.
Way to go Bell! You just lost your wandering free privileges!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

One More Reason...

One more reason why I don't like monkeys!

I'm sure this is all photo shop (if it's not, please don't tell me!) but seeing it doesn't make me think awwww that's so cute and clever. It makes me think ewwwwww I don't like normal monkeys and this one is NOT normal!
I're shocked. How can an animal lover like me not like monkeys? I honestly don't know. I like everything from mice to pelicans...from salamanders to unicorns. But I don't like monkeys. They really and truly creep me out and I can't even tell you why.

Oh and for the record...Nicki and Bell don't like monkeys either. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yardwork With Hounds

I woke to a beautiful morning full of sunshine and warm breezes! I'm going to work in the yard today and I am going to bring the two hounds outside to enjoy the day while I work.
I am a foolish woman.

1. Bring both dogs outside and hook to the yard runs.

2. Untangle dogs from yard runs and return inside to get water bowl for them.

3. Put full water bowl down carefully. Untangle dogs from yard runs again.

4. Refill water dish and tell dogs to stop being crazy.

5. Untangle dogs from yard runs. Go get large lawn bin for yard debris.

6. Stop one dog from eating sticks. Take front foot off of overturned water dish.

7. Refill water dish. Tell dogs to cut it out!

8. Start picking up small tree limbs and sticks, putting them in the lawn debris bin.

9. Stop one dog from digging a hole. Tell dog "no digging!”.

10. Stop other dog from eating large clumps of moss. Tell dog “no moss!”

11. Return to cleaning up the yard.

12. Untangle dogs from yard runs (again?!). Tell dogs you will NOT refill the water dish.

13. Watch dogs jump and spin for no reason then attack each other for fun.

14. Leave water dish upside down. Return to cleaning up the yard.

15. Stop one dog from eating dirt from large planter.

16. Notice other dog is wrapped tight to tree by yard run…snicker and return to work leaving dog pinned    to tree.

17. Begin work removing old stakes from the garden. Retrieve stakes from dogs mouth. Place back in pile.

18. Untangle second dog that is pinned to the tree. Tell her she is an idiot. Dogs tail continues to wag.

19. Wooden stakes are scattered across the yard by the other dog. Place back into one pile. Begin removing fencing from around the garden.

20. Stop dogs from barking non-stop at out of reach squirrel.

21. Untangle both mutts from yard runs!

22. Retrieve water bowl from nearby bush. Return to garden work.

23. Stop dogs from eating dead plants from the garden. Stare at dogs while dogs stare back.

24. Ask dogs: Why are you both so stupid? Dogs response: wag entire body happily while jumping in the air and giving out tiny yips of pleasure.

25. Acknowledge defeat; take dogs in the house...watching them track dirt across the clean carpet.

26. Pour a glass of wine and sit in favorite chair while dogs deposit mucky wet bones; tennis balls and squeaky toys in your lap.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Park

I've been very nervous about taking my dogs to any dog park. Bell is great on her own but she's had a few times when dogs have gone for her for no reason. I think this has contributed to her overall fear of other dogs (unless they are smaller than which case they are toys) and her general nervous behavior in unfamiliar situations.

She was my first choice to take to the new dog park in Enfield. I knew she at least wouldn't start a fight and I was hoping she would actually enjoy meeting other dogs. The first visit wasn't really great. She stayed near me or any other human she could find. Most of the dogs were fine with her; a sniff here a sniff there and they were on their way. The one exception was a small-ish black dog (forgot his name now) who seemed to sense that Bell was timid and made it his business to bother her at every chance he got. His owner was not really on the ball about dog behavior (no surprise there) and did nothing to stop him when he snapped at Bell's face and kept grabbing at her ears and feet. I was happy to see that Bell snapped back at him and gave him a curled lip when he came too near her but this was defeating the whole purpose of bringing her to the dog park. I wasn't there to watch my dog be intimidated. I found myself taking charge of the situation...because his owner wasn't.

I gave treats for good behavior to both dogs (and others that were just moochers) and the little black dog got my loud manly voice telling him NO and NO BITE when he tried grabbing Bell. I even resorted to grabbing him by the collar and telling him no. She did nothing. He decided he had to listen to me. Wise choice little dude.

On visits since then we haven't come across that dog again. I can't say I miss him. I've also added Nicki to the mix and even brought the two of them together. Nick is a trouble maker sometimes and Bell will join in if Nicki starts something so I have to keep a close watch. Bell is very good and likes running with other dogs. Nicki likes them if they are her size and seems to want to rough up some of the ones that are a little smaller than her. I guess that make Nicki a bully! But I don't allow it even if the other owners don't mind it. I jump to correct Nick as soon as she starts something...even if it's just barking at a dog. I know barking is probably just smack talk for dogs but I also know Nick will escalate it if not stopped. Somewhere along the way she decided it's ok to irritate other dogs and I don't know where she got that but I'm not having it. Luckily for me she stops immediately when reprimanded...and I do the same thing with her that I did with the snappy little black dog. I grab her collar; shake her neck and tell her NO! But she does get treats when she's being a good girl too. I don't want it all to be a negative experience.

Nick flat out refuses to share the water bowl with other dogs. I don't push that...I let her have her way on that one. I can't say I'd like to share a glass of water with people I don't know either. She will share with Bell and only Bell. That's good enough for me because I happen to know she won't share her food even with Bell at home. Bell gets a warning growl if she tries sticking her nose in Nick's dish. I don't blame her there either. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Addition

Wow! It's been a VERY long time since I posted anything here on the girls blog! But honestly...I haven't had much to say where they are concerned. Not much has changed in their lives over the past few months.

They are both still itching up a storm and losing too much hair. I have now purchased a small hand-held vacuum so I don't have to constantly haul out the big one.  Bell looks like she can do a commercial for a hair restoration place or be a poster dog for an animal shelter. And she continues to be undisturbed by her unnatural lack of hair on her elbows and under her neck, but the ears are beginning to itch now too. 

 Nick has recently gotten over her 'came out of no where for no reason' fear of eating with Bell and no longer is peeing on the floor when she sees the dinner dish (fingers crossed on this one). The search continues for a food that agrees with them (will I ever have normal dogs?). And they both continue to enjoy playing in water.

I have started rubbing them down with a concoction of water and white vinegar to remove excess oils from their skin and keep yeast overgrowth at bay. I do this in between baths. Baths continue to be a source of disgust of a nice smell and fear of soap for them, while usually resulting in a soaking for me and a great deal of exhaustion. They hate smelling good and I hate that they don't smell good for long enough. The vinegar and water rubs help keep that doggy smell down quite a bit. If you own a hound (or just an oily dog) you may want to try it too.

One new thing has happened however that the girls are not even aware of as yet. My Mom got herself a kitten. She's named her Misty (not original but it will do I suppose) and they claim she's about 8 weeks old but I think she looks younger than that. She's the last kitten from two litters that a friend of my nephew's girl friend had in her home. (Somebody needs to learn to spay their female cats!)  She is adorable! And it will be quite some time before she is introduced to my monster girls. They think anything small that runs is fair game to chase and I'm sure if they caught her it wouldn't be good. They don't mean to be's instinct...they can't help it. Lily has long ago learned how to keep them in line by not hesitating to smack them in the  face...sometimes for no reason. But on occasion even she makes a run for it and I have to use that most important command "LEAVE IT"! Thankfully they listen.

So here are a few pictures of Misty the tiny kitten who has not met my dogs.

Cute ain't she??!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


In the past year or so Lily has gone from running away whenever one of the dogs showed up; to hiding behind furniture and growling at them; to racing from one spot to another like ninja kitty; to smacking them in the face just because it's in her way; to stalking a spider near their water dish. Both dogs just watched and waited.
You've come a long way Lily!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh No She Didn't

When I handed the stuffed toys to the girls I told them in no uncertain terms NOT to ruin them. They both happily agreed and I stayed a few minutes to watch their play...just to make sure there would be no fighting over one toy. Everything being fine, I retreated to kitchen to attend to other things.

When Nicki showed up at my side some minutes later I suspected Bell was hogging the toys. Nicki will not fight Bell to regain control of a toy or favorite chewy even though she's bigger than Bell. Nicki's way of handling Bell's greedy dog moments are to stand over her and stare at her while she hogs the treasured toy; bark at her while she hogs the treasured toy; stand where I can see her standing and starring at Bell while she hogs the treasured toy (no doubt with the hope that I will intervene) or come right over to me wagging her whole body and begging me with her eyes to make Bell stop being a jerk with her treasured toy. I think she picked the latter one this time.

Of course I asked Nicki what the problem is...asked her why she was standing there wagging when she should be playing with her toy...asked her if Bell was hogging the toys again. To each question she just wagged her whole body harder. That means yes.

This is what Bell was doing when I came back into the living room. Apparently just hogging the toys wasn't quite enough for Bell. Oh Bell! You promised!! (she obviously has no shame either!)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Double Leash

Two excited dogs....

Plus a leash made for two.....

Equals this!

And me trying to stop laughing as they try to 'fix it' themselves!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bell's Day at Stratton Brook State Park

Bell was hoping for a stroll in the water but I wasn't up for a wet and muddy back seat.

But it was a very beautiful place.

Nick's View From the Top

Nick's view from the top of Talcott Mountain today.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bell's Wild Adventure

I just have to tell you this story:

Bell and Nicki were playing a crazy game of catch me and Bell came tearing through the kitchen with Nicki hot on her tail. Well as she flew by one of the kitchen chairs at the speed of light she somehow got the loop of KC's pocketbook (hanging on the chair) around her neck. The pocketbook didn't stop her, instead it also flew off the chair and became part of the game. Now we have Bell running like a maniac with a pocketbook attached to her neck and bunched under her belly, only she's moving so fast I couldn't tell it was a pocketbook. She made a wild spin turn on the throw rug and I thought she somehow got the rug bunched on the side of her. Off she goes tearing back and forth spinning crazily in the trying to get this thing off of her.

It took several turns before I recognized what it was that was stuck on her and then I couldn't stop laughing. I finally stopped her long enough to get the pocketbook off of her. Bell was much relieved but I was much amused!

Ok, Bell's adventure with pocketbooks has nothing to do with the video but it was all about Bell. Her and I took a hike at Soapstone Mountain in Somers. It was a first time there for Bell. These are some of the pictures I took on our hike.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nicki's Day Out

Nicki got her day out with Mom too!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bell's Day Out

Both my girls need a day out with Mom once in awhile. Unfortunately I don't have a good time when the two of them are together. So I take them one at a time. They both complain bitterly when being left behind but never complain if it's their turn for an outing.
This time it was Bell's turn. She had a great time and so did I!

I've decided Bell is best suited to being outside doing doggy type things...sniffing that; digging over here; checking out various trees and bushes with the occasional encounter of an unknown bug or animal. When she's unsure of the situation she always turns to look at me as if to say...what is this Mom? or Is this thing ok to touch?
I've never had a dog look at me for information/reassurance like Bell does. I think I like it.