Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Against my better judgement, I took the girls hiking together. I'm fully aware that my dogs always misbehave when I take them hiking together. They are under the impression that they must obey commands while walking alone with Mom but when they are together they make their own rules. I know this. It never changes. Yet every once in a while I think to myself....they're going to be good this time. And then I learn that's STILL not true. 

But no matter what kind of trouble they may have gotten into I can't deny that this is by far the cutest picture I have ever taken of Nicki! They were both exhausted on the ride home and fell asleep in the back of the car almost immediately...not unlike human children. I noticed in the rear view mirror that the sheet I had covering the back seat was flapping around because the windows were open. When I saw Nicki sound asleep with just her nose peeking out I had to stop and take this picture. 

Bell had somehow managed to use the sheet as more of a blanket instead of a bonnet. 

Then Nicki woke up and tried to make it look like she had never fallen asleep with the sheet over her head. Nope, never happened...she would never let herself look so foolish!

But after only a very few minutes of pretending there was something very interesting to see out the window....she started a slow melt in her seat. 

And before very long big, bad, Nicki has fallen asleep again. 

And then it was Bell's turn to look out the window and pretend there was something interesting to look at out there. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I was cleaning up dog poop from the yard when I came across this dead mole. I thought at first that he was poop. Nope...he's dead....he's a dead mole. I have no idea what killed him. I didn't see any marks or blood on him. My neighbor says she's having problems with bees and hasn't done anything with poison. 
His death remains a mystery. 
(Check out those front feet! Crazy!)

At Least They Don't Snore

Bell likes to sleep like this....curled up in a ball. That's pretty normal. I've seen lots of other animals sleep like that. 

On the other hand Nicki likes to sleep like this...with the tip of her tongue sticking out and her eyes slightly open. The eye is kind of creepy but the tongue is the really amazing part. She doesn't even wake up if I touch her tongue. I had to actually grab her tongue to get any reaction out of her. Now that's a pretty deep sleep!